Having a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing international marketplace means ensuring your workforce is highly qualified and well-informed.

Bureau Veritas Certification's Training Services offer organizations a comprehensive training portfolio for enriching their workforce.

Our programs can be customized to suit any company, in any location worldwide and we closely monitor all of our programs to continuously offer quality, adapted and pertinent training solutions to keep you ahead of the game.

Welcome to Our Training, Seminar and Event!

Bureau Veritas Certification offers a large range of tailored training solutions in Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety, Social Accountability Management Systems, Food Safety and Information Security Management Systems.

We are accredited by numerous training organizations, including global accreditation by the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA).

We offer 7 accredited programs:  

  • Management System Upgrading and Optimizing Project
  • Customized Audit Project
  • Supplier Management Project
  • CSR Reporting and Verification Project
  • Business Process Management Project
  • Systematic Integration and Standardization Project
  • Process Audit Project

Why Choose Bureau Veritas Certification?

Bureau Veritas Certification is the global leader in accredited Management Systems Training and has a worldwide network of 420 instructors in 52 countries providing training to 9,000 individuals annually.

With our proven track record, expertise, global presence and network of highly qualified instructors, we are uniquely positioned to offer both large and small organizations tailored and cost-effective training solutions.


With the rapid development of various technologies in the industrial field today, products made in China are widely circulated in global markets, which presents higher requirements for manufacturers and technicians. Bureau Veritas consulting service helps you in the market access requirements during the bidding phase, the technical audit during the design phase, and the inspection testing at the manufacturing stage.

Service introduction:

  • Interpretation of American ASME product certification
  • Interpretation and application of each EU CE certification directive
  • Introduction to EU rail transit EN 15085 certification standard
  • Introduction to EU steel structure EN 1090 certification standard
  • Interpretation and application of Customs Union CU-TR Safety Technical Regulations
  • Brazil Inmetro, Malaysia DOSH, India IBR, Singapore MOM certification training
  • Functional safety engineer qualification training
  • Technical interpretation of welding and NDT
  • EN ISO 9712 & US standard ASNT SNT-TC-1A NDT Qualification and Certification of Personnel
  • Training and examination of AWS Certified Welding Inspector
  •  Customized training

Safety Production Management Training

HSE Management Consulting

  • Safety Leadership
  • Development of HSE Performance Ability
  • Safety Management Compliance Countermeasures
  • Effective Contractor Safety Management
  • Modern Safety Management

Process Safety Management

  • Process Safety Management-PSM
  • Hazard and Operability Analysis-HAZOP
  • Safety Integrity Level-SIL
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis-QRA
  • Fire & Explosion Analysis-FEA
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics-CFD